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Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare plays a key role in all aspects of military operations around the world, ranging from war-fighting to counter insurgency to peace support operations.  Irrespective of the type of operation, commanders cannot function without tangible, actionable intelligence. 

During recent operations EW really has proven its worth and is considered one of the most significant and productive sources of intelligence.  

Advanced Electronic Warfare systems and techniques are at the cutting edge of technology, enabling information to be rapidly processed into intelligence so that commanders can react in time to achieve a desired military effect.  

Our staff has extensive experience in all aspects of EW; whether it is equipment, procedural or training based we can offer solutions.

We have subject matter expertise in Land, Maritime and Air covering the following:

•    All aspects of ES, EA and EP
•    ELINT Collection and Analysis
•    COMINT Collection and Analysis
•    Tactical Maritime Radar ESM procedures and doctrine
•    Maritime ECM capabilities and procedures against modern weapons    
•    Anti Ship Missile Defence Tactics
•    EW Database management and Mission Library/MDD/PFM requirements
•    Equipment Specific Maintenance procedures
•    Asset Deployment
•    Counter RCIED
•    Provision of EW Training at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels
•    EW equipment procurement at Staff Officer level
•    IMINT Collection and Analysis