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Commanders need a robust mix of Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance assets at their disposal.  However, this alone is insufficient to enable commanders to execute timely decision making responses. 

A coordinated system of systems approach must be adopted if a single accurate, reliable and actionable intelligence product is to be provided to a commander in near real-time.  Equally, commanders and their staff must be knowledgeable in a wide array of ISTAR capabilities and the types of product and services available if they are to use them to best effect to answer Intelligence Requirements.

Mercury EW has operational experience and knowledge of Land and Maritime ISTAR systems and processes.  Deployed on operations spanning the last 25 years, we have first-hand experience of ISTAR working practices; managing, deploying and tasking EW assets at all levels to support commanders’ Intelligence Requirements.

Our staff has expertise in:

•    ISTAR concepts
•    ISTAR processes
•    ISTAR Command and Control
•    Employment of Collection Assets
•    Extensive knowledge in Collection Capabilities