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Introductory Radar Signals Analysis Course

IntroRadarSigAnalysisThe introductory radar signals analysis course provides students with a practical introduction to radar parameters, the relationship between them and the different technique required to analyse a radar signal.

This course is predominantly practical. It relies heavily on R&S®TPA technical pulse analysis software to illustrate the different techniques required to analyse a radar signal. This course requires the students to have a very good working knowledge of radar theory and radar applications.

This course provides a “hands on” introduction to radar parameters. Students will have to analyse and document 12 synthetic radar signals using the R&S®TPA software. The students will first analyse a simple radar signal, with relatively easy-to-measure parameters, and quickly progress

to more complex radar signals that use different interpulse modulation types, intrapulse modulation and radio frequency (RF) agility. The signals that are used in the course are designed to highlight analysis procedures and to ensure that students develop the correct techniques to enable them to analyse commonly observed radar signals.

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